DIY Frozen Lantern

DIY Frozen Lantern

Make a beautiful winter lantern with your favorite characters. When I first saw these art pieces of Elsa and Anna, I knew I wanted them on a winter lantern. Stained glass was just quite a process, but making these with window paint turned out to be so easy and cute. I chose Elsa and Anna from Frozen, but any image with clean and simple outlines would be perfect for this. Let me know if you try this, I would love to hear about it!


Original pin:





  • Lantern with battery light
  • A screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Toothpicks
  • A pencil/marker
  • Window paint
  • A printed stencil – reversed
  • A plastic pocket


1 Print a stencil

  1. First we need to reverse the image. I like to do this, by opening the image in Paint –> click rotate and flip horizontal.
  2. Print the image. I like to open the image in Word for this. Right-click the image, choose Wrap text –> In front of text. Now you can resize it and print it.


2 Outline the design 

  1. Disassemble the bottom half of the lantern with a scewdriver.
  2. Take out one of the glass pieces.
  3. Place it on the stencil and trace around the design that you want.


3 Cover the design with window paint

  1. Place the stencil in a plastic pocket.
  2. Start out by making the details of the image with window paint. Pour some on the side, and use a toothpick to create fine lines.
  3. Fill in the rest of the square with window paint, pouring directly from the bottles. Use plenty of window paint, so that it will be easy to peel off later. Make sure to go above the lines, so that it is not visible when you’re done.
  4. Let the piece dry overnight.


4 Place the sticker on the glass

  1. When the piece is dry, cut around the edges, so that it is a solid piece – too many splashes on the sides can make it difficult to peel off.
  2. Clean the glass piece and peel off the sticker.
  3. Quickly transfer the sticker to the glass.
  4. Cut around the corners to remove any excess paint.


5 Light up the lantern

  1. Place the decorated pieces of glass inside the lantern.
  2. Close the bottom with the screwdriver.
  3. Light it up and enjoy your new beautifully decorated lantern :D

– Tineya

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