This is my first video! Crazy!

Check out how to make this adorable bracelet, with nail polish and silver wire.


Original pin:


Difficulty (1-10)            5

Time                            3 hours


The supplies I used for this pin;

  • A thin pencil or paintbrush
    (I’ve used a large pencil for the following images to make the process visual)
  • 0,5 mm silver covered wire
  • White nail polish; DEPEND NAIL POLISH 031
  • Green nail polish; OPI NAIL LACQUER that’s hula-rious
  • Orange nail polish; MAYBELLINE COLOR SHOW 110R coral reefs
  • Cotton swabs
  • Nail polish remover
  • Scissors
  • Brown tape/flower tape
  • Strong glue; LOCTITE SUPER GLUE power easy gel
  • Brown silk ribbon/jewelry clasp



1 Making the flowers


  1. Cut out a piece of wire, rather too long than too short, and get your pencil. Optional: use a vase filled with pebbles or similar, to hold the pencil.
  1. Hold the piece of wire with one end in each hand. Place the wire behind the pencil, then move your right piece in front of the pen, wrap it around and tuck it under.Hold on to the loop to make sure that it stays in shape. Then hold the loop in your left hand and repeat the process. Make sure that the new loop/petal is as close to the previous one as possible. Continue till you have 5 or 4 loops.
  1. Bring the 2 ends downwards and twist them together in the center of the flower.
  2. Gently fold every petal on the side of the pencil, to give it at flower-like shape.
    I made 21 flowers in total, 14 flowers with 5 petals (white and orange) and 7 with only 4 petals (green). I estimate 21 as a minimum set of flowers. The smaller your flowers are, the more delicate the bracelet will look, even though you will have to make more flowers to fill it out.


2 Paint the first coat of nail polish: White (or any color you like)


  1. Get a good coat of nail polish on the brush. Wiggle the brush underneath one of the loops till it creates a bubble. The bigger your flowers are, the longer it will take to build up enough nail polish.
  1. Have your cotton swabs and nail polish remover ready, so that the silver wire stays visible on the edges.
  1. Set the flower aside to dry standing up either on a foam board, sponge, flamingo or similar.


3 Paint the second coat of nail polish: White, Green, Orange (or any color you like)


  1. Repeat the same process with the colors of your choice.I ended up painting 7 flowers white (5 petals), 7 flowers orange(5 petals) and 7 flowers green (4 petals).


4 Cover the stalks in brown tape


  1. Cut out thin strips of brown tape.
  1. Wrap the piece around the stalk of the flower, starting from the bottom.
  1. Secure the top end of the tape with strong glue, to make sure that it stays in place. The bottom of the flower will be covered later on, so you can just leave it as it is.


5 Make the wire base for the bracelet


  1. Roll out a large piece of wire. Fold it in half and create a loop in the center. Then fold the 2 pieces together as one wire.
  1. Measure the wire to your wrist, to find the perfect size.
  2. Then cut it a little too long, so you’ll have some leftover wire, to make another loop at the end.The wire should now have 2 loops at the ends, so that we’ll have something to attach the ribbon or jewelry clasps to, when the bracelet is done.
  3. Twist the wire ends in opposite directions to make it more solid. Retry the wire around your wrist to make sure that it fits before moving on.
  1. Flatten out the wire base and cover it in brown tape, securing the ends with strong glue.


6 Add the flowers


  1. Lay the wire flat and start cutting out thin strips of brown tape. Get your first flower and align it with the bracelet either on the top, left or right side of the bracelet. Secure the flower with brown tape and strong glue at the ends.
  1. Continue adding flowers till you reach the end.


6 Add a jewelry clasp or a ribbon

  1. Add your jewelry clasp or silk ribbon.
    If you’re adding a silk ribbon;
  • Cut out a piece of ribbon and burn the edges to secure them.
  • Slide the ribbon through one of the loops. When the loop is in the middle of the ribbon, tie a knot. Slide one of the ends through the second loop, and you’re ready to wear your masterpiece.
    BILLEDE_25– Tineya






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