Vintage Inspired Globe

Vintage Inspired Globe

Hope you’ll enjoy this Vintage Inspired Globe. I love vintage inspired room decor and the whole Victorian theme. Pretty as a gift or just a perfect excuse to make something with leaf gold – soo satisfying :D

A thrifted globe
Masking tape
Acrylic paint (white, brown, pearly pink and gold)
Glue for gold leaves
Thin gold foil leaf sheets
A fine tipped brush
A fluffy brush


1 Paint the metal part

  1. Place some masking tape on one side of the globe. Then turn the globe, so that the tape is underneath the metal part.
  2. Paint the metal part with white acrylic paint.
  3. Paint the metal part with brown acrylic paint.

2 Paint the globe

  1. Paint all the ‘water’ with white acrylic paint.
  2. Paint the ‘water’ with pearly pink acrylic paint.
  3. Paint the ‘land’ with gold, so that if the leaf gold should flake, it wouldn’t be as noticeable.

3 Add gold leaves

  1. Cover the ‘land’ with glue and wait for the glue to become tacky, about 30 min. or the time listed on your specific glue.
  2. Place sheets of gold leaf on top of the glue and carefully brush over the area with a fluffy brush, to make sure all the glue is covered with gold leaves. Leave it for min. 2 hours.
  3. Dust away all the excess gold and enjoy :)

Best of luck <3
– Tineya

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