DIY Light Bulb Lamp

DIY Light Bulb Lamp

This DIY light bulb lamp is a super cute and edgy room décor. It brings a really cool light and a modern vibe to the room – love it :D

Inspired by:


  • Basket with or without glass
  • Light bulbs (I used 20 to fill mine)
  • A lamp cord with a socket – I just bought the parts at an electrical appliance store that quickly put them together for me, but you could also find an old lamp at a flea market/secondhand store for the parts)

If the basket is made of glass;

  • Tape
  • Hammer
  • A plastic bag


1 If your basket is made with glass, break a square at the bottom.

  1. Tape both sides of a square of glass.
  2. Break the glass with a hammer.
  3. Place the basket inside a plastic bag.
  4. Peel off the tape and carefully remove the glass pieces completely.

2 Place the main light bulb in the center.

  1. Place the socket inside the basket,
  2. Put in a light bulb. I chose an LED light bulb for this, to avoid the heat of a regular light bulb.

3 Fill the basket

  1. Place the light bulbs around the center light bulb.
  2. Light it up and enjoy :D

– Tineya

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