DIY Pusheen Cookie Cutters

DIY Pusheen Cookie Cutters

I’ve been looking everywhere for Pusheen cookie cutters but sadly without luck. But apparently they are really easy to make, so here’s a quick DIY if you’re craving some cute Pusheen cookies. Or you can apply this method to any picture you like.



  • Aluminum strip/old cookie cutter
  • Printed image
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Tape


  1. Measure the outline with a string.
  2. Cut out an aluminum strip, to the size of the measured string. You can cut the strip from a thin aluminum sheet if you can’t find aluminum strips at the hardware store. You can also use an old cookie cutter as well, if it’s large enough.
  3. Bend the aluminum using pliers, to match the shape of the image. Start on a flat part of the design, so that it will be easier to close at the end.
  4. Tape the ends together, give it a wash and you’re ready to make some cute looking cookies.

Best of luck

– Tineya

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